“I am a 55-year-old physician who enjoys Nordic and downhill telemark skiing, mountain hiking, jogging, sea kayaking, golf and mountain and road biking. In July 2013, I crashed while mountain biking and broke several thoracic vertebrae, a lot of ribs, my sternum and my helmet. That hurt! After 2 months of bed rest while the bones healed I was very weak, having lost all fitness and strength, with quite a bit of residual upper back pain. It was a chore to climb the stairs at home. I needed a training program to regain core strength and overall fitness and resume the movements of daily living. The program needed to be sensitive to my healing injuries as well as some pre-existing wrist and shoulder arthritis.

Looking around the web for a personal trainer, I came across Gymnasia. I stopped by and spoke with Josh. His view on whole body movement and strength and the possibility for small group training made sense for me. After just a month of three times per week, my results are outstanding. My strength has rapidly returned, and each session it seems I can move a little more weight and go through movements with greater limberness. My back and chest pain have rapidly diminished as my strength has grown. Even my chronically aching wrist and shoulder feel a lot better. They don’t like every exercise much, but chronic arthritis pain is notably reduced. Gymnasia’s coaches and the small group atmosphere have been supportive and fun.

I have rebuilt a lot of my strength, power, and stamina and become more limber–with less body pain–far faster than anyone thought was possible given my injuries. I recommend Gymnasia’s approach to better fitness and recovery without any hesitation. Their claim is true: Gymnasia is a great path to useful strength, conditioning, mobility & ability. I have indeed had a complete fitness transformation. The strength, balance and mobility I have gained are obviously great for cross-training in the sports I love to do.

[Post 90 Day update!]

I just returned from five days of telemark skiing at Alta ski area in Utah. I skied with a group of friends from college, all great skiers, most of whom were riding standard alpine skis. We skied steep double black diamond trees, chutes and faces all day every day in the famous Utah powder snow. Alta skiing involves a lot of long climbing and dropping traverses and straight-up climbs on and off skis. There are a lot of ‘no fall’ situations. To keep up with alpine skiers on telemark gear requires speed, endurance, balance, and a lot of deep knee bends. A good deep tuck held for a minute or two is handy to catch and pass the alpine guys. And all this done at 10,000 feet of altitude.

I am here to testify the Gymnasia approach to fitness prepared me for this ski trip better than any other fitness approach I have ever tried, which usually was just biking, running and Nordic skate skiing. At the end of every day I was tired, sure, but not sore, and still not sore the next morning of every day. My endurance and recovery were remarkable. As I skied, all I could think of was how well the training served me. The focus at Gymnasia on building core strength also really helped my balance in the bumps, steeps and at speed. I was just amazed and overjoyed at how effective three days a week, week after week at Gymnasia, prepared me for this physical challenge. In my day job as a primary care doctor I spend a lot of time encouraging people to move their bodies. My experience is great testimony that the Gymnasia approach to movement and fitness will help a body recover from injury, improve strength ad ability for activities of daily living, and improve strength, balance and endurance for the sports we love to do. Thanks Gymnasia!

~Dr. James M