I just realized my 60 days has ended. I can’t believe how fast that went! Because my challenge period has passed I thought I should reaffirm how incredibly positive the experience has been.

My goals were to rebuild my capacity for resilience, so minor injuries would go away, and not upset my whole body, to improve my skiing by rebuilding all the strength I let fade away, and to safely get back to running 25-30 miles a week with better fluidity and flexibility. When I have dealt with mother nature to run, that is exactly how I feel. The distance is TDB but I am sure it will fall in place as it gets nicer out.

The skiing—my goodnesss the skiing. I am ripping harder and skiing longer than I ever have. My form has improved as a function of my strength and flexibility. I am driving my skis with my core and getting my skis WAYY out from under me on each turn because my hips let me do that now. I translate every movement we do to the mountain. My amazement—”did the have skiing exclusively in mind?” I wonder—is really a deep appreciation of how universal the movements we train are. I can’t wait to my next set of surprises when I start sailing.

~ Matthew C