Gymnasia is a delight in the universe of exercise and fitness. At 44, I was fit and healthy but bored with how I was exercising. Whatever I did, however healthy and challenging, felt one-dimensional in terms of overall fitness. At the suggestion of a friend I visited Gymnasia and have been going regularly ever since — I am officially 45 now.

I used Gymnasia to prepare for a 4-day hike to Yosemite to climb Half Dome. The work at Gymnasia prepared me for all the physical and mental challenges I encountered on the trip–and there were many. Most importantly, Gymnasia instilled a confidence in me about my body that I have never had before. In a strictly physical sense, I feel like I can accomplish what I want to and do it with grace, joy and without injury. This is something I had on the top of Half Dome and will continue to have. The Yosemite trip was a clear goal that Gymnasia helped me achieve. In addition I have found these little surprises in my day to day life that I continue to be delighted by:

  • I can throw the ball twice as far for my dog.
  • I can replace the Poland Spring water jug without pulling a muscle.
  • I can open any sized jar before 10am without assistance.
  • I can pick up my extra large cast iron skillet (when it’s full) with one hand now.

You will not find your traditional weights and benches. Instead, you leave your shoes at the door and use your body in unique and fun ways. There are jump ropes, kettlebells, bags of sand, huge ropes, and more. I cannot recommend Gymnasia highly enough.”  ~ Eliza