“I am a mother of preschoolers and I was looking for a new place to keep myself in shape and sane. I was reluctant to re-join a regular gym because I get bored and I have a hard time coming up with a full body workout on my own, particularly one that I can complete in an hour.I stumbled across Gymnasia when I was headed to CVS and I gave it a try. Wow, it is perfect.

The studio is clean and filled with really interesting and different things: kettlebells, weighted bats (not their real name!), sandbags, etc. The classes are full of moves I have never done or even heard about before in all the boot camp and big gym classes I have done in the past. These are moves that engage my whole body and are different and interesting enough to engage my mind so that I am not gritting my teeth and thinking about what I will do after class. The owner Josh has a very diverse and amazing background in many different disciplines. He is completely approachable, as are all the instructors. I came in without knowing anything about what they were teaching and they all spent a lot of time showing me the proper way to do the moves. When I leave here, I always feel like I got in a great workout and I look forward to going back each time.


“My kids are in elementary school – it’s been a few years! – but I still work out at Gymnasia and love it.  I have seen this place grow into its own and I am so happy to be a part of the community here.  I am continually challenged, even after all these years, and I have definitely grown in my mastery of movement.  I am much more in tune with how my body moves and where my strength comes from.  That is useful in class and useful in everyday life.  I was reading a magazine to pass time at the salon the other day and I saw all these quotes about how people view exercise as this pill to swallow, these few minutes of awfulness to reap the benefits of their great body or whatever and I thought, “Wow! That is so not what I see it as.”  That would not be sustainable for me.  I am so happy to be at Gymnasia. Even on days when I am tired and have to convince myself to go – I go willingly and happily because I know that as crappy as I feel walking TO the door, it will all be better, and I will feel so much better, once I am IN that door.  I have never walked away from a class NOT feeling happy – and I don’t mean in a “I’m happy its over” kind of a way.  Gymnasia is a truly special place.  There is no quick word or slick phrase to get across immediately what it is.  I think that is because it is unique and it is built on a deep knowledge of many different disciplines, bringing the best of each.  It is a place you have to experience.  I am so glad I took the chance and walked in here all those years ago.”  ~Maggie A