I just wanted to say thank you. I didn’t start working out at Gymnasia with my wedding in mind. It was part of a summer commitment to stop being so sedentary, to get moving and get healthy. But it’s had such a profound impact and it all showed at the wedding. I’m more confident. I’m moving better. I have more energy, more endurance. I feel comfortable in my own skin. My clothing fits better, too!

I used to never dance at parties. I felt so awkward on the dance floor. But at my wedding it came easily. I think that’s thanks at least in part to all of the movement I’ve learned at Gymnasia. At one point my best man came up to me. We had a 10-minute hora set that got pretty crazy at its center. He wasn’t in the middle and got winded. I was at the center of things and could have kept going at the same intensity for a lot longer without feeling it much at all.

The way I carried myself, I used to be pretty timid, but I was so confident. I was walking around like I owned the place, hugging everybody. A professor from undergrad that I’m still close to hadn’t seen me in a while. She said she was shocked because I was carrying myself differently and making a lot of eye contact with people. The first thing I said was that I’d been going to Gymnasia and feeling more comfortable in my body. I feel not just outer but more inner strength too.

My wedding ring, we’d sized it a six, seven months ago. It didn’t fit because the muscles in my fingers have gotten bigger! I had to put it on my pinky where it was a little loose but safe enough to wear for the night.

I know I’m the one who put in the time and the effort. Nevertheless, a big thank you to you and everyone at Gymnasia for guiding me and supporting me up to this point. It’s so great how you’ve been able to create a community with a real sense of camaraderie. Now I’m looking forward to all of the increased power, stamina, and strength that come with the next three months!

Thanks again for everything! ~Baruch D