“I have been going to the Gymnasia for a little over a year and I love it. It takes a lot of me to say this because being active is not a natural thing for me. I generally prefer to sit or walk slowly than work out.

Before the Gymnasia, I belonged to a gym that I hardly ever went to. My wife was a member of this same gym and this still couldn’t get me to go very often. I just didn’t like the vibe there. When I did go to the gym, I would run on the treadmill, then do some resistance training on body parts that I enjoyed working on. This meant that I rarely did any leg or ab work.

I recognized that it was important to move my body and get exercise so I started searching. I found the Gymnasia by chance through an online search. I signed up for the trial and attended my first class. Wow, it was challenging. But I felt so great, so energized after it was all done. I had felt so great that I came back the next day for another class! I was a little sore but not as bad as I thought.

Each consequent class was challenging for me but I always felt great afterward. I noticed gains in strength and endurance after only a couple weeks. For me, that’s remarkable.

Each class is conducted in an interactive small group format. Everyone is friendly and supportive. We’re each doing the exercises at our own pace, taking breaks when we need to. We’re not trying to match anyone else’s pace. For me it’s like a form of meditation. I do the movements better when I’m fully present. And I’m encouraging myself to do more rather than being pushed to do something I’m not quite ready to do.

The movements engage my mind and body. My understanding is that we’re training our body parts to work together. So often in our lives we will do exercises or participate in activities that isolate one body part which if done enough can lead to imbalance. The movements we do at the Gymnasia enhance strength and endurance. So I get a more complete workout, naturally.

What I’ve been noticing more and more is that I’m inspired to move my body. I may be sitting at my desk at my office and then decide I want to get on the floor and roll, or hold myself in a plank position, or something else. I’ve also noticed that my posture is better and have tons more endurance and lung capacity than I had before. This is a big thing for me because as I said earlier, I tend to not want to move much. 

I’m really thankful that I’ve found Gymnasia.” ~ Nat