I joined Gymnasia over a year ago; my Chiropractor recommended it to me. I was complaining to him about my aches and pains and wanted to know what I was doing that was causing this. After all, I had been working out since I was in college — running, aerobic classes, gym workouts, and most recently a lot of yoga. I had just completed a 200/hr yoga teacher-training program.

But yet, I felt as though my inner core and overall muscular strength was weak. So I walked into Gymnasia, met Josh and my transformation began that day. We talked for over an hour about how I felt, what I was doing for exercise, life stuff and work. And then he explained why I was feeling the way I did, it really had a lot to do with the fact that I lacked the inner strength to be pushing my body the way I was. That day, I learned about the three essential elements of Josh’s program: Strength, Power, & Stamina. And so began my journey at Gymnasia.

I committed to going 3 times per week and little by slowly I gained strength and increased my stamina. My aches and pains began to go away, I was able to keep up, not pushing myself to do everything — but doing what I could do. Slowly, I started to lift heavier weights, move faster, and even do a modified pull up. For the first time in my life I feel strong; I can crawl frontwards and backwards, jump on boxes, climb a rope, and swing kettlebells. All things that I never thought I would be doing at the age of 57.

The Coaches and the people that work out at Gymnasia are truly unique and special. I have become fond of all the Coaches for different reasons: Josh for his incredible knowledge about how the body moves and what it needs, Everett for dancing when we’re sweating our butts off in the middle of a workout, Jess for always being accommodating to the members (and I’m in awe of her incredible strength), Deanna for being a Bad Ass, and Marlon for talking through the class (instructing, of course!) so we don’t have to work out as hard while we listen to his great playlists.

But the most important thing is that I feel great, and can’t wait to get to my sessions, still 3 times a week.

~Gina C