“My daughter and I joined Gymnasia at two different levels of fitness and experience.  She is a trained dancer and was looking to gain strength and a workout that would push her to a new fitness level and extend her athletic abilities.  I, on the other hand, was a gym drop-out and was looking for a program I would stick with and possibly even enjoy.  When we met with Josh the two of us both knew right away that this was something unique.  Surprisingly, we both left confident that this program would meet both of our very different goals.

Josh and all the coaches at Gymnasia are so knowledgeable and really push you to challenge yourself.  My daughter and I are amazed at the strides we have made, not only in our fitness but we see the results of our hard work in our every day lives. She is a stronger, more athletic dancer and I can do some mean pushups for the first time in my life!

While we started this program with the intentions of working out together, the Gymnasia community has made it easy for us to attend on our own, knowing there is always a friendly face to cheer you on and push you forward.

At other gyms I never really made any forward strides and I would quickly become frustrated and bored.  3 days a week at the Gymnasia has provided us with real tangible results that finally have me excited about exercise.  We are both so happy we joined.

~ Sheila (& Anna)