I have been experiencing the incredible benefits of Gymnasia for about a year and a half now. Beyond the positive changes in my body (stamina, power, strength, and tone), I have experienced changes in my views of, relationship with, and confidence in my body.

But, I never would have anticipated applying those changes to my clinical practice as a psychologist. And yet, there it was – unexpectedly oozing into a session and influencing my work one morning. I had been meeting with someone who works as an athletic pro, teaching her particular sport to others. She has struggled with seeing it as a valued profession. After all, she is not, in her mind, doing work that “serves a greater good”.

And yet, as I listened to her, I knew that she is so much more than “just” a teacher and pro. She teaches so much more than the skills of the game. She gives her students an increased level of comfort in and self-confidence with their bodies. She increases their sense of proprioception – they are connected to and working with their bodies in a different way as a result of how she teaches them. As I pointed all this out to her, I realized that if it were not for what gymnasia has enabled in me, I might not have recognized the gifts she offers her students. I did though, and helped her to see it for herself. It was an “aha” moment for us both!

Thank you, Gymnasia.
~ Judy S, PhD