I’ve got some pretty severe body image issues that got a lot worse at the last gym I belonged to. It was a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) setup totally driven by results – weigh-ins, measurements, fat-pinches, etc.. I was encouraged by the program to get results – any results. Just before I switched, I was down to less than 20% body fat, but still got driven to reduce my measurements and surely I could cut more calories from my diet (I averaged 1200-1500 even with a pretty active lifestyle). I felt like I was fighting my body, fighting everyone else in the gym for these ridiculous competitions, always encouraged to do more than I did the last week, lift more weight, etc. Tighten this! Clench that! More! Harder! Faster!

I didn’t get hurt, but my body always hurt. I got tired of fighting. I’m so glad I found G. Thanks to G’s approach, I feel like I’m making moreprogress in appreciating my body and my abilities. It’s a goal to recognize how well it functions, and how I can improve it, and not obsess so much about the way it looks. So it’s not so much a *thing* I can do that I couldn’t before; it’s more a mental change.” ~Rachel

[ED: Inspired perspiration means it comes from a place other than guilt and frustration. How you think becomes not just how you move, but how you live!]