“I had been struggling for years with my chronic alignment issues, but it was always the same – oh, my aching….(back, neck…which day is it??). Thanks to Gymnasia, that’s old news. Coming to Gymnasia meant I could leave behind the constant injuries, and my “Giant Corporate Gym’s” obsession with selling me whatever was trendy.

Since I joined Gymnasia, not only has my fitness improved exponentially, but I can now bend, lift, carry, and squat, in ways I couldn’t even when I was young(er). Now I can carry heavy suitcases upstairs (must be those suitcase deadlifts), and throw bags of mulch into my van without hurting my back (it’s just like the sandbag toss, only messier). That would have been impossible BG – Before Gymnasia.

Don’t let Josh’s the low-key “it’s-your-path” Zen-speak fool you. He may seem mellow, but he will work you hard! (Don’t say I didn’t warn you.) But you work smart, and the results are obvious right away.

But, just between us, what do I really love most about my Gymnasia workouts? I think I’ve never looked better. And that’s not a bad way to hit 50!” ~ Tamar