I started on my path with Gymnasia when my partner gifted me a pack of private coaching sessions (best gift, ever!). We had heard wonderful things about Josh and his team from friends in the yoga community, and my experience continues to exceed every expectation. As a physical therapist, I value the G philosophy of training patterns, rather than parts. The movement curriculum and functional approach to strengthening yield gains that apply well beyond the walls of Gymnasia. I’ve noticed more spring in my step, increased power in my pedal stroke, and a stronger brace through my core on the yoga mat.

Impressed by my own results and fueled by a thirst for knowledge, I jumped at the opportunity to participate in the Coach Training. The weekly sessions enabled me to learn fundamental movement patterns and integrate their variants through practice. I also built confidence in my ability to scale up and down the intensity and complexity continuums. The format of the training provided a balance of discussion and live practice that deepened my appreciation for fitness as a path best walked as a shared experience within the walls of sacred space.

No matter what your starting point may be, Gymnasia can provide an on ramp to a more inspired life.

~Alecia D, PT