“I arrived at Gymnasia after a period of pronounced inactivity. For the past five years, or more, I’d belonged to gyms I didn’t frequent, where I mostly did a single cardio machine and then planned my escape. If I took a class, I found myself focusing on all my deficits.

Then, a friend introduced me to Gymnasia. During the first trial class, I still found myself dwelling on all the things I couldn’t do, but with their encouragement, I felt encouraged and supported to keep going. I feel as though I accomplished nothing short of a personal miracle in the eight months that I’ve been going there (I’m 59 and had no regular exercise regime when I started).

Now, I’ve lost over 22 lbs and I’m constantly amazed at what I’m able to do, and I look forward to each small group training session as a chance to push myself a little further.

I am able to accept new challenges, confident that the trainers at Gymnasia are paying close attention to my form and alignment. I have increased my stability and functional strength, and, for the first time in a very long while, I feel great about going to the gym.