I had recently moved to the area and was looking for a new gym when I stumbled upon Gymnasia. After countless experiences with different classes, trainers, and instructors I could tell that Josh knew what he was talking about and was thoughtful about what they were doing there and I appreciated that. And so, Gymnasia became a regular part of my routine.

The sessions were fun and interesting, I shed a few pounds, and somewhere along the way I found myself in the best shape of my life. So that was all pretty cool and was definitely enough to keep me hooked. But, what really made me really love Gymnasia was my experience with some time off after I had my son. Something about going through the physical experience of being pregnant and having a child -- my body changing and me thinking am I ever going to be that fit person I was before? After only a little time back at Gymnasia I realized the answer was yes. Sure my body has changed, but I actually think that I may be stronger now than I was before and that gives me so much pride.

And I'm truly not sure I could have gotten that somewhere else. Sure I may have lost some baby weight, but Gymnasia gave me the tools and the movement to find the strength and power that I want for my body and I know will sustain me through whatever future changes and challenges may come my way.

~Lucia C