Simply put, I wanted to live a healthier lifestyle. At 44 and 258 pounds, my doctor reinforced what I knew was coming if I didn’t change habits. I was on the path to diabetes and heart disease. I found changing lifestyles very challenging. Fortunately, I found Gymnasia and my “food” coach Deanna. Food coach is a mislabel because Deanna is more than that. She is my health coach, there to educate, support, inspire and mentor me. Deanna has really helped me change my perspective, something flipped. I really have not been thinking about things as “I can’t have that treat” or “You HAVE to work out”. It has really changed to “ I WANT to be healthy because I’ll live a happier life”  and realizing when I am doing healthy things I feel better. This has led from dreading going to the gym to looking forward to it and from planning out of necessity to planning for opportunity.

My days don’t seem like an endless series of self-denial and will power.  I have not felt like I denied myself anything, I felt like I chose to be healthier. Deanna has helped me develop well-balanced healthy habits around exercising and eating right. When the bad habits creep in, she coaches me back on the right path. While the weekly coaching sessions are great, it is the small quick check-ins from an occasional email or link to a delicious healthy recipe that make her a fantastic coach. Great coaching comes from caring and Deanna cares about my success. ” --Jon