I was introduced to Gymnasia through my wonderful former clarinet student Alison's emotional and physical life was transformed when she joined Gymnasia. Alison's enthusiasm propelled me into trying this unique gym.

Now, I can honestly say, I am a huge fan.

Each member is treated as an individual, each work out is designed for your needs and you are not in competition with anyone. This is not a quick fix. It is a thoughtful programmed plan to make you aware of your body and help you use all your muscles to their best advantage.

I entered training with arthritic knees and little flexibility. This summer I walked up and down the hills of Lisbon, Portugal with no pain and no knee braces. A huge improvement!

The culture of warmth and friendship in this gym is genuine. I look forward to learning more and gaining more inner strength. Thank you to my workout buddies that are now part of my family and of course the incredible coaches.

Thank you with great appreciation,  
Paulette, 60+ years