Gymnasia is the best gym I've ever been to, hands down. Before becoming a member, I tried various other fitness fads, and none of them truly worked. I was literally spinning in circles at choreographed spin classes with no results. I tried barre classes where I never felt myself getting stronger or progressing, and while I absolutely loved yoga classes, they weren't helping me achieve my fitness goals. What's different about Gymnasia is that in each class you're working towards achievable, personalized goals- with an injury prevention mindset. Little by little I noticed myself getting stronger and healthier. When I started regularly attending classes, I had a bad bout of plantar fasciitis alongside chronic ankle sprains. Walking, let alone hopping and swinging kettlebells seemed like it would be crippling. The coaches at Gymnasia worked with my physical limitations and modified exercises for me to fully participate without injuring myself. After about 3-4 months of regular attendance, my plantar was all but gone! My feet and ankles are much stronger, and I can walk long distances without worrying about pain the next day. I've also lost a considerable amount of weight which is a nice bonus! Not only are the workouts fantastic, but the community atmosphere is wonderful. I'm not a natural athlete, and team sports were never really my thing. I appreciate that I can work out in a group atmosphere, but go at my own pace- all the while being encouraged on by everyone else in the room. I've now been a member for just under 7 months, and am so thrilled with my experience at this gym! I'm excited to see what I'll be able to achieve year after year.