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Eating clean left me with more energy, less bloat, and clearer skin

Eating clean left me with more energy, less bloat, and clearer skin

It seems like we all want to lose that extra something. But I also needed a reality check about my daily BAD habits that were making me sluggish and bloated: the daily chocolate, coconut yogurt, and well I like my cocktails! I wanted to start by learning how to cut all that stuff out and then learn to only have them in moderation. I will only do it if it's good and as clean as possible. I did lose the weight, but I gained knowledge and the confidence to say no to the cheese and the sugar and the booze when in the past I didn't want to be "that Person". To me it's not worth eating crappy food.

I thought I was a pretty healthy eater before but now I am more aware and more dedicated to my nutrition goals. I continue to work on it, but I have gained healthier habits from the Food and Lifestyle program. When I really started reading labels I was blown away that so many things that I thought were good, but had high fructose corn syrup in them. I now obsessively read labels before consuming. I guess you can say the coaching created an overall awareness of what I consume. An awareness about what I put into my body, not just to lose weight but to be healthier. I think about what I put into my mouth and how it's going to affect me in the long run and whether or not it's really worth it.  If I end up eating a  really delicious burger and fries from red bird one night I'm not going to sweat it but I’m also not going to do that every night and I try to plan it so that all my other meals that day are super clean.

I also realized that I don't really need to lose weight that most of my extra was just bloat from eating and drinking crappy stuff. Eating clean leaves me with more energy, less bloat, and clearer skin. in fact, Friends noticed my glow after my first month.

I have tried things on my own before and but never made it a whole month without cheating. Having a coach made me accountable for my decisions and I wanted to make my mamma proud! Hahah...seriously though It was someone to talk to about what I was doing, share recipes and just to have that support really helped me. I literally did not cheat once in the entire 30 days. I don't think I could have done that without Deanna Coaching me.



I managed to kick my sugar addiction and lost approximately 13 pounds in 9 weeks.

“I’d done other diet programs before, but this was the first time I’ve taken the plunge in radically changing my food choices, specifically giving up things like wheat and refined sugar. The biggest motivator was having a supportive group where I could turn to and vent or ask questions. When I got into the groove of it I felt like I had more energy and fewer mood swings. I managed to kick my sugar addiction and lost approximately 13 pounds in 9 weeks.”


Deanna has helped me develop well-balanced healthy habits around exercising and eating right.

Simply put, I wanted to live a healthier lifestyle. At 44 and 258 pounds, my doctor reinforced what I knew was coming if I didn’t change habits. I was on the path to diabetes and heart disease. I found changing lifestyles very challenging. Fortunately, I found Gymnasia and my “food” coach Deanna. Food coach is a mislabel because Deanna is more than that. She is my health coach, there to educate, support, inspire and mentor me. Deanna has really helped me change my perspective, something flipped. I really have not been thinking about things as “I can’t have that treat” or “You HAVE to work out”. It has really changed to “ I WANT to be healthy because I’ll live a happier life”  and realizing when I am doing healthy things I feel better. This has led from dreading going to the gym to looking forward to it and from planning out of necessity to planning for opportunity.

My days don’t seem like an endless series of self-denial and will power.  I have not felt like I denied myself anything, I felt like I chose to be healthier. Deanna has helped me develop well-balanced healthy habits around exercising and eating right. When the bad habits creep in, she coaches me back on the right path. While the weekly coaching sessions are great, it is the small quick check-ins from an occasional email or link to a delicious healthy recipe that make her a fantastic coach. Great coaching comes from caring and Deanna cares about my success. ” --Jon

I have lost 10 pounds in 5 weeks!

“Every year I put on about 10-15 lbs in the Fall and slowly lose it in the Spring. It’s been like this for as long as I can remember. I have tried Nutri Systems, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, counting calories, green smoothie cleanses etc…. You name it, I’ve tried it and always with the same result. The weight has come off but it has crept back on.

You know how people say you need to make a lifestyle change not diet to lose weight? Well that’s what Deanna has helped me do. I am not on a diet which means I am not hungry. When you are not hungry it’s easier to stay the course. The other extremely positive side effect of this lifestyle change is that I have lost 10 pounds in 5 weeks. Again, this is a super motivator to continue on the path. The best thing about this process with Dee is that she is here for me.  If I am not sure about something, I can email or text her and she gets right back to me. If I want a recipe for something, she helps me find it. Our weekly check ins keep me accountable.” --Cory

Twice the Results, half the time! I lost 26lbs in 2 months!


Twice the Results, half the time! I lost 26lbs in 2 months!

"I had gained weight. I was so focused on my family and work, I just wasn't finding time or motivation to do anything about it. Until a visit to my doctor led me to re-think where I was heading with my health.

My first day. It's a few minutes before my first class and I am nervous. I hear a cool 8os song as I open the door.  Two coaches are talking about the upcoming session.

I noticed a library of books ranging from Chinese breathing techniques to prison workouts to the history of European sword fighting. What a nice collection of varied interests, I thought.

As I warm up, I see a couple finishing up their private session. They chalk up their numbers on the chalkboard wall. I see that one chalkboard is filled with quotations, comments and words of encouragement written by various members. Another board describes the 'theme' for the day: Stamina.

The coach instructs us to get into a circle.  The mild chatter quiets down as the group begins with a twisting and breathing exercise as ‘Simple Minds’ gets us into the mood over the gym’s sound system. This is pretty cool, I thought.

[Post 60 Day Challenge update!]

It's been a hair over two months since I've joined Gymnasia. I clocked in at 228 pounds the day I signed up. Today I am 202 pounds. 26lbs in 2 months, I can't believe it. Twice the results, half the time. At the risk of sounding cliché, this isn't a regular gym. After a few workouts I found myself crawling on all fours, doing planks, swinging kettlebells, hurling sandbags and performing an endless variety of floor work. The exercises and workouts are always changing.

What is key, is that even the group sessions are small. You get a lot of attention from the coach. There are always two or three alternatives to each type of exercise. An experienced member might perform a more difficult version of a pushup exercise while a new member might do them inclined along a wall. Gymnasia recognizes that each person is different. Another thing which is cool is that the community at Gymnasia is very fun, social and lively. They organize many other fun events such as runs, hikes, obstacle races, Olympiad test days, parties, workshops, challenges and a Clean Eating Program in which I am currently involved. There is a great deal of interaction which is seldom if ever found at other gyms.

I am simply flabbergasted as to why I don’t see a lot more people doing natural movement exercises like the kind found at Gymnasia. I've done Kung Fu and lion dance for 13 years and I feel stronger than ever before. The other night I was crawling so fast I felt like a honey badger! Given my results I would never step back into a 'regular' gym—not if being strong and balanced, moving optimally and losing weight were my goals. I can't wait for my doctor to run the follow up tests!"

~Marlon V


I think I’ve never looked better. And that’s not a bad way to hit 50!


I think I’ve never looked better. And that’s not a bad way to hit 50!

“I had been struggling for years with my chronic alignment issues, but it was always the same – oh, my aching….(back, neck…which day is it??). Thanks to Gymnasia, that’s old news. Coming to Gymnasia meant I could leave behind the constant injuries, and my “Giant Corporate Gym’s” obsession with selling me whatever was trendy.

Since I joined Gymnasia, not only has my fitness improved exponentially, but I can now bend, lift, carry, and squat, in ways I couldn’t even when I was young(er). Now I can carry heavy suitcases upstairs (must be those suitcase deadlifts), and throw bags of mulch into my van without hurting my back (it’s just like the sandbag toss, only messier). That would have been impossible BG – Before Gymnasia.

Don’t let Josh’s the low-key “it’s-your-path” Zen-speak fool you. He may seem mellow, but he will work you hard! (Don’t say I didn’t warn you.) But you work smart, and the results are obvious right away.

But, just between us, what do I really love most about my Gymnasia workouts? I think I’ve never looked better. And that’s not a bad way to hit 50!” ~ Tamar