Deanna D’Amore is a true hometown gal–born and raised in Newton! After ten years of competitive cheerleading, Deanna turned to weightlifting and treadmills to keep in shape, until her boredom turned her off. She wholly embraced the primal lifestyle, which emphasizes eating and moving naturally, functionally and enjoyably (it also comes with a sweet tattoo, too!). She left the gym scene and started a home-based bodyweight practice and boxing.

Her big a-ha came when she decided to not just coach, but exclusively follow Gymnasia’s Strength & Movement path. She found that not only did her body finally change in all the ways she’d originally started exercising to achieve, but that as her love of the movements grew, so did her mastery and self confidence. With her own life enriched, she’s now passionate about helping others find their way.

Deanna is a Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, NASM certified, an OKC Kettlebell Coach, and an adept of natural approaches to all forms of self-care: clean eating, skin, and hair. She’s also a hair stylist and definitely the person you want to have with you if you’re ever stranded on a desert island and want to look, feel, and move your best.

Deanna is available for Food & Lifestyle coaching, group, small group, and private coaching.

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