The Skills Club focuses on (and plays with!) two fundamental Movement Patterns: Support & Suspend.  “Support” and “Suspend” are the abilities to support weight on your hands and the ability to hang from things. These are two of the main roles of the upper body, and a great opportunity to build functional movement, coordination, balance, and tremendous core strength. Think: handstands, arm balances and crawls & inversions and hangs from rings, bars and ropes.  

You naturally enjoyed all of this when you were young, and there are endless benefits to regaining these skills, so come have some fun! Appropriate progressions are available for ALL LEVELS, so even if you are at square one, GSC is your place to work toward amazing bodyweight skills.

Open to: Anyone who can plank on their hands and hang from their arms

What to bring: Loose fitting clothes, a water bottle, and an attitude of exploration

Meets at: Gymnasia on Moody

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Sticks & Stones Club

Connect the strength of a weightlifter, the alignment of a yogi, the stamina of a triathlete, and the mastery of a martial artist and you get a Kettlebell lifter.

Each session will be a complete workout including the day's Focus like all sessions, but will also show you how to do more complex work with KBs and introduce you to swinging clubs. We have evolved a unique take on these ancient movement tools to help you move with greater strength & power, freedom and confidence.  ALL LEVELS are welcome, but come ready to both get your strength face on and expand your ability horizon.

Led by Head Coach Josh, a passionate advocate for KB and club work with over ten years of "time under the 'bells" and coaching experience. Join us Tuesday and Thursday evenings!

Open to: Anyone who can swing a KB and hold one overhead.

What to bring: shorts, leggings or yoga pants, a willingness to learn technique, and a meditative attitude (optional: lifting gloves, wrist guards, lifting shoes)

Meets at: Gymnasia West Newton

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GTC: Gymnasia Terrain Club

One part run, one part fun. We don't just run--we run, sprint, stair and hill climb. We run between 1 and 3 miles, broken up with scramble stops where you'll vault, climb, balance, monkey bar, crawl, carry, and jump. We explore the principles of obstacle courses, parkour, and running to make every practice an adventure. And a highly-varied workout with movement skills that turn the neighborhood into our playground!

We'll also select road, trail and obstacle races to do together over the course of the outdoor season. Join us for a new definition of a fun run!

Open to: Anyone who can jog a few miles at an easy group pace

What to bring: Running clothes you don't mind getting dirty, a water bottle, gloves (mechanic gloves work best) and an attitude of adventure

Meets at: Gymnasia West Newton (restarts each Spring)

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