Ethan’s Surprise Run and Tracey Avoids Shoulder Surgery

We’ve heard a number of stories recently about what our path has helped members accomplish with the helping hands of Strength & Movement. Here’s a couple, paraphrased:

Ethan’s Surprise Run

Ethan is a cyclist with a standing trail-run every holiday season when he visit’s his brother-in-law, a hard-driving triathlete. He usually gets smoked by the endurance athlete long before the 6 miles are up, but this year something changed.

“I kept wondering when I was going to tank, but I just kept going.” He said the only thing that’s changed in the year between is adding a little Strength, Power and Stamina to his movement life. “I have to give the credit to you guys!”

Thanks, but you did all the work, Ethan. Nice work!

Tracey Avoids Shoulder Surgery

Tracey is a runner (who also pilots that orange-rimmed hot rod in the lot!) and came to us with the goals of 1) doing a pushup, 2) returning to the slopes, and 3) getting over a shoulder injury sustained at her last training spot. Well, she’s batting .1000:

  • she performed not just one, but 5 pushups for the first time in her life,
  • she not only returned to the slopes, but was complemented by an instructor on her apparent core strength
  • she’s moved beyond the shoulder pain, but at a recent check in with the doctor, she was told that she’d built up so much strength around the injury, she could avoid the intended surgery.

She also brought up a crew of cool kids, including one who also trains at G! Mom and son training together?! How’s that for a cool family?

Bottom line: Strength Saves!

Honored to hear it, guys. Thank you for sharing your awesome selves with us!