Keeping up a movement practice is no easy thing during the holiday season. It's almost as challenging as working on your squat against the context of chair-livin'. So, this December, we're doing something about both.

Announcing Gymnasia's Holiday Squat Challenge!

From December 1st through December 31st, we're going to squat every day, in a bunch of ways. The challenge can be done in as little as 5:00 a day, and we'll be doing it together so you'll get extra motivation and coaching along the way. We've coached every kind of person along the entire spectrum of squat-ability. We can help you, too! We'll post how-to videos aplenty, show you modifications for high mileage joints, and provide ideas on how to keep moving into deeper & stronger squats.

There are so many good reasons to do this. Maybe you need more squat range or strength, or to put holiday cookies to good use, or to climb up sledding hills and fly down ski slopes. Want to stand your ground at holiday parties on top of an unshakable root? Do it for you. Do it for your family. Grab a friend, and let's do it together.

Tell us your intentions in the comment below, and then request access to the private FB group where we'll post all the information you'll need to bolster yourself against the furies of the holiday season. Can't wait to get down with you!

Squat deep, breathe deeper. 

Leg strength is life strength.