Josh is the founder of Gymnasia and its Strength & Movement path.

Josh spent his childhood preferring books and adventures in the Minnesotan woods over sports. As an early teen, gym class accidentally uncovered his running legs and curiosity led him to a rusty weight room. He kept at the adventures, but became a formidable output athlete: an accomplished middle-distance runner (who could still go rep for rep with the football team) and a collegiate rower with gold medals from all over the country earned alongside future Olympians.

He, like many athletes, was convinced that peak performance was the apex of fitness. But, like many athletes, that mindset ended in physical breakdown. In pain, Josh abandoned strength and endurance and shifted to a 12 year study of traditional kung fu, tai chi, yoga, and chi gung. He gained an ability he didn’t know was missing: how to move.

But this way also proved incomplete. His horizon of functional ability shrank. Injuries came back and new ones developed. After every imaginable form of passive and active therapy failed, he considered abandoning movement and just focusing on his other passion: the life of the mind. But curiosity and a deep urge to keep moving forward led him to research, experiment, connect the dots, and carve his own way back to function.

What he found was much more. He became more able, more powerful, and more effortless in movement. He grew so inspired that he ditched his job and dedicated his life to helping others find what he found. Gymnasia is not about his path; it’s about every path that leads to its doors. Strength & Movement is not only a business; it’s a philosophy.

Though coaching takes priority and he prefers laughing to lifting, he continues to build his Strength and Movement abilities. He considers the highest level of physical accomplishment to be a broad and long life. He defines deep fitness in two parts:

  1. that which makes your entire life better and more inspired;
  2. that which gives you the ability to help others.

In addition to being Gymnasia’s Founder & Head Coach, he conducts workshops, writes, works with teachers, clinicians, and athletes from many backgrounds, and apprentices Coaches in his Strength & Movement programs. Beyond his calling, he continues to eagerly undertake adventures of all sizes with family and friends. See his latest musings here.