Thinking about welcoming a new person into your life? Strength & Movement Prenatal coaching will help you:

  • Be ready for the unknown. A tailored Strength & Movement program and will equip your body and mind for the changes coming with pregnancy.

  • Align your lifestyle for two! Eating and moving for making and growing a baby is different than how you may have been eating and moving before. It’s for the health of both of you now!

  • Look forward to the big day and beyond. Putting yourself (and your baby) in the strongest, healthiest place for labor, delivery, postpartum, and your new life together.

Sessions are oriented around:

  1. Diet, Nutrition guidance for you and baby

  2. Second Trimester

  3. Third Trimester

  4. Postnatal Training session/recovery including Core + Floor restore for weeks 2-6

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