Small Group Coaching. Each session is a complete coaching experience for strength, sweat, mobility & movement skill. Not just red-faced intensity–purposeful, progressive intensity. Not just a mish-mash of exercises--a balanced curriculum of movement. Every practice is highly varied but everything is connected and most importantly: meets you where you are on your path. Your body doesn’t get over-trained, and you keep moving forward and inspired.

Do you want a private coach to manage your progress, help you with the things that matter most, but fear the cost of personal training? Private sessions can be added (at a discount) to any membership to help you get the most out of your sessions and path. You'll find your way and get awesome faster with someone is guiding you!

This is not just a bunch of workouts; this is a path. Ready for a better, stronger, more able, more confident, more awesome you? We are too.


Clubs. In addition to our regular small group sessions, we offer different clubs. Each club allows you to dig a little deeper into the various movements that we will be focusing on each cycle.


Strength face club (SFC)


Strength Face Club is a one movement, one time per week wholebody strength practice. We’ll teach you how to Deadlift with a barbell or trapbar. Deadlifting is arguably the most natural weightlifting movement: something that you have to do with kids, snow, boxes, luggage, suitcases and garden rocks!

"Why should I try heavy lifts?" The reasons are many. Some lift to help protect their bodies from with chronic joint pain. Some lift to become stronger across all strength movements (upper and lower!). Still others find a great spark for leaning out. Many do it for the joy in feeling their bodies things they never thought possible. And ahem: it's a persistent myth that weightlifting = "getting bulky".

We'll teach you how to lift and how to progress safely. We won’t be training you for competition, this is strictly strength for health and ability away from the barbell. The workout can be done before or after the group session, in less than :30. Bonus: you may find you like the added camaraderie of the small group of regulars!

Meets at: Tuesdays from 5-5:30pm and Fridays from 8-8:30am, 10-10:30am, & 6-6:30pm

Move, Baby

Move, Baby is a Strength and Movement session centered around women in the childbearing years. At Move, Baby you will work with a certified Pre/Postnatal Fitness Specialist to strengthen and rehabilitate your core and pelvic floor, safely (re)engage in exercise after baby, and feel supported in navigating fitness in the pre and postnatal chapter. Babies/Children welcome! Bring anything and everything you need. Mid
workout feed and changings very welcomed! We get it. We don’t mind your crying baby, meeting any of your modification needs, or the spit up on your shirt. Take some time back for you.

Meets at: Saturdays from 11:30am - 12:15pm

Drop ins Welcome!

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