It's no secret that our modern working life is havoc on our health. Why? Largely because working replaces movement with long sessions in the Worst Position Ever Invented (sitting).

The human body is an instrument for movement. And a good movement diet directly affects productivity, stress, creativity, energy, health, and stamina -- everything we need to maximize our workday (and the rest of our life!).

This workshop covers principles and techniques for combating our sedentary work environment. Some of the topics include:

  • How to counteract the Worst Position Ever Invented (NB: standing isn't enough!)
  • How to keep your hands and wrists from curling into balls of pain
  • How stress manifests physically, and how to deal with it
  • Strategies to make movement happen at work without being that jerk who shouts "burpee break!"

This is incredibly important information, yes, but we promise to have a lot of fun, too!

There are two general options for this workshop: 1) with a PT who can speak to particular issues from a clinical point of view, or 2) with only a Coach presenting the human movement point of view with information suitable for all. Not every working environment is the same, contact us to talk about how we build a workshop directly suited to yours!