June 2018 is going to be a parade of amazing movement workshops at Gymnasia to help you get more out of being outside this summer.

The series is on 4 consecutive Saturday mornings, beginning on the 9th. Each will be $20 for non-members and $10 for members. Spaces are limited, so tell a buddy and sign up early. If you want to attend the whole series, one session is free (email us and we'll set you up)! Here's what's on tap:

6/9 | 10:30a | Waltham | Kinstretch :: This workshop will teach you how to build and maintain healthy joints from the ground up. Focusing on the feet, ankles, and knees, we will discuss how these joints act as shock absorbers for the body and how implementing a daily practice will help you rebound better and recover faster. Sign up

6/16 | 10:30a | West Newton | Running for Your Life :: Running is one of the movements you are born to do. Come learn some new techniques and approaches (and mindsets!). We will cover techniques for running slow & fast, prep & warm up movements, how to deal with and avoid mileage, and incorporating it into your movement practice. For runners, former runners, "want-to" runners, and "I-never-want-to" runners alike :) Sign up

6/23 | 10:30a | West Newton | Moving Beyond Running :: Running is beautiful, but there is a vast ocean of movement waiting for you once you lace up and head out. Come learn how to add more fun into running. We'll cover cool skills that will bring more balance to your body, add more fitness value to your precious time spent moving. This session will involve two 1-mile runs. All paces welcome. Sign up

6/30 | 10:30a | Waltham | GSC in the Park :: We'll use our feet to get to our practice spot and then our surroundings to practice handstand progressions, climbing, rolling, and more. Come have a blast and walk away with some new skills! The only prerequisite is wanting to have fun with friends :) Sign up